May 23, 2022

3 types of work in casinos that are popular in general

The increasingly widespread gambling world lately has made the gambling world no longer heard by the wider community. Casino entrepreneurs are competing to build luxury casino buildings with a good and complete range of play equipment.
Many people are shocked inside and forget the outside world. As the saying goes, there is sugar there are ants, like sugar sugar managed to attract the attention of many people who want to just try their luck or try to play. On this occasion we try to dig further any workers in the casino, happy reading.


Game Supervisors

You may rarely see these officers, because they work behind the scenes watching every game through CCTV. They work long hours just to see if the game runs without cheating from the dealer or the player. Special room provided for them is not so luxurious, a computer with many monitors from various angles accompany them.

Salary of $ 12 per hour, despite having a great responsibility to maintain the assets of the casino. This work is considered entry-level, casinos only require their accuracy in observing monitors and reporting when something happens in the game. No need for special schools, even high school graduates can apply for this job.

Pit Boss

Pit bosses are managers on the casino floor, like a manager in an office. Pit boss oversees all employees directly from the playground. Usually a pit boss wears a special suit so you can recognize it directly. Generally a pit boss is a person who is trained in the gambling industry, has a lot of experience in the casino so he is already seasoned with it. To become a pit boss is not easy, because here a pit boss must monitor every employee in the workers and players who are suspected of being suspicious. Quite often a pit boss can become the dealer of a game if he is asked to help guide.


Dealers are people who work on the casino floor, dealing directly with players. They generally stand or sit at the game table, managing cards for games or other props. For some games, the dealer is responsible for paying player wins and drawing player bets. There is also a special for exchanging chips at the game table, because every casino game uses different chips.

Casino employs those who have graduated from specialized gambling schools, in some countries there are studies specializing in gambling. Many were also sent from the casino to study specifically and funded by the casino. The school was also quite short for a deadline of around 6 weeks, they had become competent dealers. Understand most casinos to support their work to be like a professional in style and appearance.

That’s the 3 types of work at the casino as well as a brief review of their salary and employment. If you are interested in applying for one of these jobs, of course you know what they are asking for as a classification for the job.