May 23, 2022

Facts of Being a Casino Dealer – If you are one of the gambling players who are directly involved in the casino pengeluaran hk , you will definitely pay attention to so many casino dealers. They all work to serve guests who want to play in the hope of bringing about a big win.

Furthermore, you will also see their attractive and glamorous appearance, of course, it is the demands of the work they live.

But do you all know how they really are behind the scenes?


Let’s look at some of the claims of these casino dealers:


Perhaps, for most people, they say that being a casino dealer is the best job in the world, especially if you are a gambling connoisseur. Later, you will be paid only for playing on the table and competing.

Isn’t this the same as the other gambling players? Yes, but the view is you as a dealer at the betting table. In addition to receiving payments from the boss of the casino where you work, chances are you will get extra from players who win big.

Do you see the disadvantages of working as a casino dealer? Certainly not,

They will feel happy and willing to give a little of the winnings to the dealer while getting the Jackpout.

Currently, in the world of online gambling, the best game model in Indonesia is agile. Because in this game, you are challenged to bring out your playing tricks until you become the winner with very, very satisfying results. Although there are many other games in the world of online gambling, agile games still have the most enthusiasts and the public’s enthusiasm for the game is very high. With a deposit that is not too large, while the chances of winning are very large, that is what makes this game very popular with the wider community. With my explanation, you are still not interested in trying it? It can’t be right? Good luck.

A Dealer’s Salary

The average salary of a casino dealer is U $$ 15,000 / year. Later they will get more wages than what is written above, where do you get the addition?

Of course a casino dealer will get special extras from players who are having good luck at that time. However, if the player who is experiencing such success leaves.

You may lose the tips that the casino dealer expects from the player. However, you should never assume that these tips are enjoyed by the casino dealer yourself, these tips will be counted in their entirety and shared with your other friends.

Working Requirements

Working as a casino dealer the requirements are not difficult, namely: Accustomed to smiling, Have a strong energy to stand and sit for hours, be patient, and be mentally strong.

Why ?

Because, as a casino dealer, you will be dealing directly with the various characteristics of gamblers, ranging from grumpy, rude, etc. All words or words that are not pleasant for sure the casino dealer will accept it early. In addition, you also have to keep smiling throughout your work, whether you are sitting or standing.

Benefits of Being a Casino Dealer

For most people, you will definitely be wondering, what are the benefits of being a casino dealer? Of course a lot

Being a casino dealer, you can all get many benefits, such as:

Changing your lifestyle for the better, everything from: the way you dress, walk, take care of yourself, etc. Because being a dealer, all of these things are important, so that the casino where you work will certainly be crowded with visitors if the casino and dealer atmosphere is pleasing to the eye.
You can learn to control yourself, from every behavior of the guests who come to the casino where you work. Even though you are working in a gambling place you can take a lot of negative values ​​and turn them into positive ones.
Taking advantage of work conditions to learn a lot about life is great if all of you can do it. Hopefully some of the facts experienced by this casino dealer can make you think, “It’s Not Always a Bad Place, It Takes Bad”.

How? are you interested in this type of work? If interested, you can immediately submit your job application to the HRD department of the world’s leading casinos. Also, keep in mind that you have to speak English in order to communicate with colleagues / customers.


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